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Kas Ross (they/them) is an art therapist, psychotherapist, and alternative process photographer. They care deeply about issues surrounding identity formation and self-esteem, human rights and advocacy, intersectionality, and culturally sensitive, affirming care. Kas incorporates holistic and eastern approaches into their work, including art and music, Tai-Chi movement, breathwork, tarot, and meditation.

Kas approaches clients from a trauma informed lens with an awareness of attachment style and relational history. Client centered at their core, Kas works to provide clients a safe therapeutic space to explore and affirm embodiment goals, life transitions, and strategies for wellness. Kas has worked with a variety of diverse groups both online and in-person, including LGBTQIA+ communities located in the U.S. and internationally, inpatient and outpatient psychiatric populations, young individuals with autism and microcephaly, and BIPOC adolescents involved in the juvenile justice system.

At Full Spectrum, Kas works with queer, trans, and non-binary individuals in their journeys of discovering and achieving their personalized goals for wellness through art, music, and
movement. They are available for in-person, remote, and hybrid weekly therapy.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with Kas.

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