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Ali (they/she) is an art therapist and psychotherapist specializing in guiding individuals, couples, and families through identity exploration and life transitions. They are an eclectic clinician, blending creative arts approaches, meditation and Gestalt methods into their work. Ali works with clients across the lifespan who navigate mood disorders, trauma, and relational concerns, as well as many neurodivergent individuals, young and old. She is most interested in meeting weekly, building a secure therapeutic container with clients and moving together towards post-traumatic growth and healing. Utilizing techniques from DBT and psychodynamic and expressive arts frameworks, treatment is person-centered, strengths-based and encouraging, empowering clients to access their inherent resilience and creativity. Her focus is primarily on supporting transgender and gender diverse communities, including work with parents, couples, and extended family members. 

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, Ali was a teacher. She has been interested and committed to promoting children’s social emotional development through artmaking, play, and experiential learning for over a decade. Their research has focused both on child development and behavior, as well as queer identity development across the lifespan. Ali works with youth as young as 4 years old.


Contact us to schedule an appointment with Ali.

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